Big Data Analytics Solutions

OrangeSoft provides solutions to big data technologies.

Our Big Data Analytics consulting services help organizations address challenges in data integration and analytics, as well as identify opportunities to monetize their data. For example, deploying and integrating with data analysis tools, developing the business logic and user interface to forming an end-to-end business solution.

  • BI Strategy/roadmaps, Architecture, Portfolio Planning
    • Requirements Analysis, Functional Analysis, BPM
    • Business Architecture to Information Architecture Translation & Planning
    • BI Infrastructure Asset management
    • Cutting edge trends in Big Data Analytics

We work with our clients to understand data processing challenges and assess how new analytics techniques and technologies could fit for greater insight and extract valuable information and train them move forward. We can work with you on Data Analysis, Analytics Education , Big Data Analytics training , Research lab establishment and Research internship

Our Big Data Analytics solution delivers specialized consulting & training expertise to a wide range of clients in all industries, especially in advertising, mobile and social networking, financial services, software and hardware information technology, retail, and healthcare.

We focus our efforts in the exciting discipline of data science that utilizes large scale, open source information platforms to help organizations unlock the vast potential in their structured and unstructured data to produce innovative, profitable business solutions.

Our solution helps enterprises to leverage existing BI tools and tackle enormous data sets.

Specialization includes Hadoop, NoSQL databases, and related big data technologies.