OrangeSoft Culture

Our Employee Commitment

We value and attract highly responsible individuals who are Strategic, Motivated, Ambitious, Reliable, and Talented and who seek the highest levels of excellence and ethics in both their personal and professional lives.

We believe there are no limits to the responsibility that our people can assume. We strive to offer opportunity to progress more rapidly than what is possible at other firms, and we encourage an employee’s desire to drive his or her own career while contributing to our Clients’ success.

Our people are encouraged to envision and contribute to new directions for our organization. We are able to achieve great outcomes by empowering our staff through the setting of appropriate expectations and context, and providing direct feedback on the results.


All new consultants are assigned a mentor to ensure they get the most out of their career at OrangeSoft. In addition to formal mentors, OrangeSoft executives and team leads are charged with informal mentorship to all employees. We believe mentoring is a catalyst for success, and we spare no effort to ensure a mentor is available to each one of our employees.

Knowledge Sharing

We believe that the key to our success, and to our client’s success, is to share knowledge whenever possible. OrangeSoft staff are encouraged and supported in efforts to contribute back their knowledge to OrangeSoft and to public knowledge bases. We aim to establish each of our staff as leading experts in their field.

Career Development

Our belief is that project experience, mentorship, and performance feedback builds skills most effectively and is the primary driver for career development. In addition to allocated formal training, on-the-job learning experience is crucial. To support this, each consultant will undergo a minimum of two performance reviews annually, 1 project review delivered by their team lead and 1 internal corporate review, delivered by senior OrangeSoft staff and executives. These reviews are geared toward providing our employees knowledge of their performance and a clear understanding of best practices to aid in their career journey.


In addition to being an equal opportunity employer, we understand that each of our employees has unique skills and passions that add to our diversity and strengthen our overall capability. We value this diversity and look to provide avenues of growth based on each of our team members’ unique skill sets.